AUGUR; To foretell events by
observing and interpreting.

Welcome to Augur Group

Augur Group is a property investment and development business whose principal purpose is to acquire underperforming assets and add value through improved asset management and effective development solutions.

With a background in property investment and development, construction and project management, the Augur team has significant experience across all major UK property sectors and particular expertise in the retail, office and residential markets.




The Augur team has considerable asset-management, development and construction experience gained in the core asset classes (retail, office, industrial and residential) and in specialist areas including hotels and student accommodation.

Individual team members bring with them a unique blend of knowledge and skills which, collectively, provides a formidable arsenal with which to acquire under-performing assets. From initial evaluation through the proposal, design, strategy and execution to final audit every possibility is explored to find the most suitable solution.

Together we have an enviable track record of adding value to asset-management and development projects across the United Kingdom.

Investment Capital

Augur Group is funded internally by its shareholders. For larger projects, additional capital can be made available by existing shareholders or through strategic capital partners.

Designed with the flexibility to accommodate a range of structures, we consider every project in isolation, assessing each upon its merits and selecting the most suitable acquisition and capital structure based on available facts and our considerable knowledge and experience in this area.

We have undertaken numerous direct acquisitions of assets, joint ventures, asset management roles, purchasing of existing loans from lenders and loan management mandates.